Academic qualifications for certifications for Sexuality Educator and Sexuality Counselor have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. Those pursuing certification as a Sex Therapist require, at minimum, a Master’s Degree in a clinical specialty that includes psychotherapy training. All of these degrees must be awarded by accredited colleges or universities. In addition to the academic requirements, professional experience, supervision, and academic (credit bearing) coursework specific to the field (sexuality, as well as education, counseling, and/or therapy) must be officially documented. Finally, all candidates MUST be supervised by AASECT certified professionals for the indicated number of hours. The specific coursework and supervision are clearly detailed on our website. Pursuit of more than one certification requires supervision and coursework in each.

AASECT cannot recommend any specific academic programs; however, candidates are encouraged to pursue one that is accredited. The following website may be helpful in your search:

AASECT does not provide student visas nor funding to international applicants.