Professional Guidelines and Expectations

What is Expected of AASECT Certified Professionals? Review details of the Professional Conduct Guidelines below:

AASECT Professional Conduct Guidelines

To acquire, maintain or renew AASECT Certification, the certified member is required:

1. To maintain membership with AASECT as defined in Article III, Section B, of the AASECT Bylaws at, including continuing education (CE) as required.
2. To adhere to the AASECT Code of Ethics posted at

 *Vision of Sexual Health
*AASECT Policy on Touch

3. To be licensed or credentialed in the state of practice as mandated by law and be knowledgeable and aware of the limitations of such licensure or credential.
4. To respond to and provide full and accurate information about pending or actual actions against any license or credential or surrender of a license or credential, that serves as a partial condition for certification.
5. To truthfully, accurately and completely respond to any and all questions on initial and renewal applications.
6. To remain current on new developments in the field of sexuality and sexuality counseling.
7. To earn a minimum of twenty (20) AASECT CE Credits every three (3) years for AASECT Certification Renewal.

The AASECT website and other appropriate documents state clearly what conditions are expected of a certificate holder to earn or retain said certificate, and what procedures may be followed if a client/patient or other individual feels that the standards of AASECT may have been violated.

NOTE: AASECT Supervisor status pertains solely to the supervision process of those seeking AASECT Certification status as a Sexuality Educator, Sexuality Counselor, Sex Therapist or Practitioner Supervisor. AASECT does not condone or encourage anyone to provide supervision that is beyond the scope or jurisdiction of their professional license or credentials. Each person who does supervision is responsible for knowing the limitations of their license and/or credentials.