AASECT Mentors are experienced professional members in good standing who agree to provide advice and support to newer AASECT members.  The commitment for an AASECT Mentor is to guide their mentee for one year, although the Mentor and mentee may continue their relationship beyond if they choose to do so.

An AASECT Mentor will provide insight on how best to further “the highest standards of professional practice,” per our mission statement.  That may include advice about professional development, printed resources, marketing, time management, finding a supervisor, or whatever the mentee/mentor finds relevant for their practice.

Mentors should have a minimum of five years’ professional membership in AASECT, and in the field of sexuality education, counseling, or therapy.  To volunteer to become an AASECT Mentor, please complete the brief form housed in the document section of the Community.  Newer members seeking a Mentor can search the membership directory for experienced members who have been identified as AASECT Mentors, and reach them via the Mentor’s preferred contact in his or her listing.

The intention for the mentor/mentee relationship is to support excellence in sexuality education, counseling and therapy, and to build community among AASECT members.